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Ti Tree Fence

Tea Tree Fence

We currently haveTea Tree available.

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Tea Tree is renowned for its attractive texture and long life.

Wattle & Wire Tea Tree Fence is wired together to make rolls just like the split pale fence but using round Tea Tree stakes. The maximum height of our wired Tea Tree fence is 1.65 metres which makes a 1.8m fence when used in conjunction with a 150mm plinth. Rolls can be made in lengths up to 3.6m.

It's quick to erect and can be fixed to conventional rails.

Wire positions are, from plinth,

Bottom wire - 200mm

Centre wire - 750mm (There is no need for a centre rail)

Top wire - 1300mm

Must be installed with a plinth board.

Wattle & Wire, wired Tea Tree fence makes an attractive and durable fence or screen and is an economical alternative to individually nailed stakes; simply unroll and fix: a big time saving. It will also last longer because the stake is held by the wire rather than by a nail or screw which has to peirce the wood.


We also supply 1.8m LOOSE TEA TREE STAKES in bundles of 25 sticks which will make approximatly 0.800m of fence. $POA

Our Tea Tree is sourced from private plantations.


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