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Beachmaster Sand Fence/Erosion Control Fence

Erosion Control Fence

Beaches and dunes are dynamic, but fragile coastal systems and the balance between accretion and erosion is a natural process of currents, waves and wind, and their interactions with the dune systems that protect the land and assets behind.

When the balance is upset and erosion begins to result in coastal recession or accretion results in sand inundation of assets, the need for intervention by managers becomes necessary.

Erosion control fencing is one of the most efficient and economical methods of accreting sand on coastal beach and dune systems.

Beachmaster® Sand Fence is designed to provide coastal land managers with a robust, attractive and plastic free option with a multitude of uses.

Beachmaster® attributes are:

  1. Faster beach and dune building
  2. Will accrete sand using natural processes with no carbon emissions
  3. No plastic components so will not contribute to plastic pollution of the environment
  4. Being constructed of wood and wire makes it entirely biodegradable and recyclable
  5. Is not damaged by wind
  6. Minimal interference with natural processes
  7. Asset protection without losing your beach
  8. Greater durability and longer operational life than conventional sand fence
  9. Low cost when compared to large scale renourishment and hard engineering programs
  10. Quick to install
  11. Aesthetically pleasing and good public acceptance
  12. Beachmaster® is also an excellent exclusion fence and looks great
Beachmaster® Sand Fence can be used as a wave energy dissipation structure when installed in conjunction with an engineered support structure.